If I had a baby…

I imagine this is how I would feel if I had a baby. This theater keeps me up at night. I never get any sleep and I’m always exhausted. It drains my money. There is always a mess to clean up.

I should hate it but everything about it continues to make me smile and inspire me. It’s easy to enjoy the big things like teaching a class, having a show and watching the creation of an ensemble’s ideas truly supported. The way I know I love what I’m doing and that I’m doing the right thing is the little things. The giddiness I have from stocking a desk caddie with pens and paperclips. Going to the store to buy printer ink because I’ve printed so many box office logs and student guides. Filling the water reservoir on the coffee maker because people are drinking coffee and tea.

I have always considered myself a pretty happy person but being a father has changed my world.

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