Jellies and Improv Jams

We’ve recently started two new improv jams at Second Beat.

Every 2nd Saturday at 8:30pm we have the Log Roll Jam, a fast-paced jam of randomly drawn teams of two doing a scene, taking on another duo. The audience votes and the winners keep playing. The other team’s names go back in the bucket to be randomly chosen to get back on stage with a new scene partner.

Every 4th Saturday at 8:30pm we have the Slack Jam. Teams of three are chosen for a three-minute scene. Scenes are edit only with tag outs. After your scene, your name goes back in the bucket to be placed on another three-person team.

These jams are fun, high energy, and fast. Not a lot of time to relax because you’ll be back on stage before you know it, practicing skills and playing with different people. Who knows, you might find your next fantasy team.

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