Pandemic Precautions

I have missed the joy and camaraderie of improv shows, classes, workshops, and jams since the coronavirus pandemic has kept us all home. Now, with businesses in Arizona opening back up, I’m eager to get improv going again, but with abundant precautions to keep our improv family safe.

To help us maintain safe social distancing, we will be limiting attendance at our shows to 50% of capacity. Face masks will be optional for all students, performers, and audience members, and we will provide you a mask if you don’t have one.¬†Hand sanitizer will be provided and we encourage everyone to use it.

Finally, to reduce close contact and the handling of cards or cash, we recommend that you purchase your tickets online in advance.

It’s going to be different, but these are all easy and obvious things we can do to help protect each other while still being able to enjoy improv together in person at the theater. I look forward to seeing you at a class or show soon.