Hot Mess Presents: Hot Harold – A Winter Intensive in Non-Linear Longform – 10 Skills classes

Hot Mess Presents: Hot Harold - A Winter Intensive in Non-Linear Longform - 10 Skills classes

Hot Mess (Jacque Arend, Liz Hutchman and Stacey Reed Hanlon) presents:

HOT HAROLD  (November 27th – December 22nd)

This winter intensive is a combination of 15 total classes focusing on longform skills and applying them to the Harold format. Students can enjoy our Skills Classes (10 in total) and our five session Form Class, culminating in a showcase. Each skill contributes to your toolbox and can be taken as individual classes where spots remain. The Form Class will solely focus on the understanding and execution of the Harold and how the skills contribute to all longform performance. The design of the intensive schedules Skills Classes to focus on what is needed by each Form Class so time is spent solely on application within the structure. Hot Mess believes that this structure is of value to understand & create incredible longform performances, while also recognizing that we do not need to stick to norms, traditions or “rules”. We aim to teach this course with the hopes that all of us improvising today can evolve the artform to our voices, instincts, imaginations and our brilliant innovative minds. 


Students are registered for all 10 Skills classes 

  • Sun, Nov 27th at 2:30pm – Openings and Deconstruction Ideas – ESSENTIAL
  • Wed, Nov 30th at 6:30pm – Foundational Scenework – ESSENTIAL
  • Thu, Dec 1st at 6:30pm – Group Games – ESSENTIAL
  • Tue, Dec 6th at 6:30pm – Characters, Relationships & Runs – ADVANCED
  • Wed, Dec 7th at 6:30pm – Editing & Heightening – ESSENTIAL
  • Sat, Dec 10th at 2:30pm – Connection & Callbacks – ESSENTIAL
  • Sun, Dec 11th at 2:30pm – Expanding Environment – ADVANCED
  • Wed, Dec 14th at 6:30pm – Mapping, Personification & Position Play – ADVANCED
  • Thu, Dec 15th at 6:30pm – Finding the Pattern or Game – ADVANCED
  • The, Dec 20th at 6:30pm – Mastering the Unknown – ADVANCED

You will receive a Google doc to confirm attendance of your classes upon registration. Although you are enrolled in all classes it will still help to confirm your availability.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Second Beat Improv Theater


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